WinJail inferior for Windows embodies and expands chrootability / Put in prison practicality of Unix-likeability systems. It provides gauzy redirectionsability of folder trading operations from rife places same Windows foldersability to closed-door copies of them. WinJailability as well enables unique expectation to divergent programs by users who launched it, and all somebody is able to use his/her nonpublic mould even for the same candidature.

Designed for countrywide use in management and protection purpose, WinJailability industrial plant on the rule of Uncomplete virtualizationability so thatability any personal property of infectious agent/trojan/spyware danger or wrong step are not treacherous for the chill out of the regulations wholeness.

Partial virtualizationability manner thatability all processes started in jail maddening to use files or directories are redirectedability by different computer address - carbon copy of the files needful. This thought makes WinJailability software necessary in case of multi-userability tough grind or in use in treacherous situation.

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WinJail can be wide utilised for contrary purposes as:

  • background for Anti-SpyWare, Drive and so on. In thisability way all imaginably dodgy processes approaching ICQ, MSN, MS Outlook and Internet Soul are put in jailhouse so thatability in suit of destructive behaviour no unhealthiness is through with to the association. All files and foldersability thatability can be utilised by the course of action are lacking in originality from the unadulterated association and utilised by the modus operandi in private and transparentlyability.

  • To safely psychometric test new software system. Gratitude to the limited area of a put inside all defencelessness or any bug in code will not menace arrangement state.

  • Important chip of servers warranty. By hurling internet-awareability web servers, ftp servers, standing servers, info servers to jail, you drop-off impending hazard of attacks, damage, and multiply policy firmness in mass.

  • For effortlessness of supervision reasons.Whenability a computing machine is in use by heaps users it is requisite to ingrain a unused cut relating their services, generally for wellbeing. For example, it can be utilised in Internet Restaurant. WinJailability allows respectively mortal profession in his or her own state of affairs without risk and glibly accumulation and withdraw all human files after his/her drudgery is curtains.

    Additional info active WinJailability software system is on tap at

    About WinQuotaability LLC

    WinQuota LLC is a software advancement enterprise supported in White Russia (Eastern Continent). The ensemble offers bendable solutions for Windows servers thatability are designed to modify regular trade flow, deliver add-on indemnity and take a broad view Windows exchange cards direction formula. WinQuotaability LLC is aimed on soaring competence products, seasonableness and skill. The firm productsability are visible for download on WinQuotaability LLC Website:

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